Oracle, please don’t kill MySQL!

In case you haven’t seen it Oracle is buying Sun for $7 billion. We all know they care most most about Java, but please, don’t kill poor little MySQL. Oracle for all its might will never be anywhere close to an approachable database for small to mid-sized applications. I’ve used Oracle a lot in enterprise software and can say for certain that the entry bar, both in hardware requirements, complexity, and ongoing administration, is way too high. MySQL is absolutely the best database solution out there for everything from startups to side projects to happy little webapps like (shameless plug).

The smartest thing Oracle can do is leave it alone: bring the high end MySQL customers into the Oracle fold when it makes sense, otherwise continue providing it as the database of choice for the rest of us. There is plenty of room in the market for these two products serving wildly different needs; don’t screw it up.

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