GXT 2.0-M1 dynamic sizing issue

Recently I commented on a rather severe change in GXT 2.0-M1 with regard to dynamic sizing via percentages not being converted to final HTML as expected with some components. For anyone else experiencing this issue, here’s my support thread which also includes a very simple example app illustrating the problem.

So far our workarounds have been:

  1. Explicit fixed sizes, ugly but easiest in some tricky spots (not resize-proof)
  2. Fixed sizes derived from parent, e.g. parent passes in its height/width minus any margins and borders (resize-proof only if parent size changes are manually propagated down)
  3. Add additional wrappers/children so that the problematic components delegate to, or inherit from, one that works (resize-proof only if parent size changes are manually propagated down)
  4. Implement “smart” post-render sizing based on actual height/width of parent (resize-proof as long as sizing methods are called on resize, most robust, probably the most invasive)


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