Pandora gets even better

I’m a huge Pandora fan (thanks to my wife who discovered it for me!), and just noticed that they’ve revamped the premium side of the service to be even better. In case you haven’t used it, Pandora is an incredibly cool “custom radio” service that lets you seed it with a song, artiest, or other criteria, and then it spings off songs to your liking for hours on end. The only catch is that you can’t request a specific song to be played, and there are a limited number of “skips” per hour to conform to licensing agreements. It’s kind of like the iTunes Genius except that you obviously don’t have to own the music, and in my experience the “matching” logic in Pandora is by far the best out there. It literally plays all the music I love and finds new stuff for me, rarely coming up with anything annoying (which, when it does, is easy to correct via simple “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” controls).

As for the new changes, they’ve just unveiled Pandora One which for the same $36/year premium price, boasts even further relaxed restrictions and a handy desktop player (which incidentally, also appeals to my geek side because it uses Adobe AIR). Now I don’t have to worry about killing Pandora during my multitude of browser restarts during the day!

If you haven’t tried Pandora you should really check it out. Even the free version is phenemenal, and once you’re hooked you’ll see that $36/year for the extra bells and whistles is a steal. They also have a great iPhone app for music on the go and are starting to support some more conventional home audio systems as well.

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