Great iPhone vs Evo spoof

I have watched these iPhone vs Evo spoofs about 10 times now and they still have me laughing. So true!

For the record I had a free HTC Evo 4G from Google IO and sold it on eBay because the battery was crap, it can’t connect to my work’s wifi, email was clunky, the mainstream apps just weren’t as advanced as their App Store counterparts (news readers, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and more importantly it was just too friggin’ big to carry around in my pocket. For any mobile device high resolution, battery life, and a seamless simple UI trump a big screen and power any day. I own a 13″ MacBook Pro instead of some ginormous Dell laptop for the same reason. Not to mention that I absolutely hate the dual and triple branding that makes it onto all the Androids: my Evo regularly assaulted me with Sprint, Nascar, HTC, and Google. How many annoying pop-ups do I need when I already bought the phone? You don’t notice this stuff until you’ve used Apple devices for several years and then it’s like wow, WTF.

As a consumer the iPhone wins me over hands-down for the reasons above, but it’s actually grown on me as a developer as well. I’ve written a lot of Java and not been a huge fan of Objective C, but the more I think about it HTML5 – not Flash or Java – really is the right open standard to back for great user interfaces across tons of platforms (mobile and desktop alike), and I’m really glad someone with Apple’s clout is making a statement there. I wish it was a little easier to make HTML5 apps feel as seamless as their native cousins on the iPhone, but it will get there.

I bought an iPhone 4 on launch day and it’s an amazing device that hasn’t had me miss the Evo one bit.

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