From Dropbox to Google Docs, the cloud rocks

My wife and I finally made the much-anticipated conversion to a couple new Sandy Bridge iMacs as our sole home desktop computers, replacing a whole hodgepodge of custom-built super-towers over the past 10+ years. One thing that really jumped out at me this time was how little I had to migrate. Cloud storage has come a long way in the last couple years, and between Google Docs and Dropbox I didn’t have a whole lot to worry about. We basically just had our giant music, photo, and video libraries (in this case iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie) to copy, but the rest was ready to go.

It also made me realize that the barriers to fully adopting cloud storage for either of those big three are not just the obvious ones – storage capacity and bandwidth – but really desktop integration. For example, I love Dropbox because it integrates so seamless on my desktop, laptop, iPhone, and iPad; it behaves just like a really smart shared folder. This is why the initial release of Google Music misses the mark for me, and I’m hoping Apple does better with the upcoming iTunes cloud. Once we get some great integration along with heaps of capacity I’m hopeful that our next big migration might be completely free of file copying!

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