The iPad and Google+

Great succinct insight on Google versus Apple on The iPad and Google+. This is exactly what has been bugging me about Google lately. Everything they are doing is either an acquisition (YouTube, Picasa, countless others), reactionary (not just Google+ but everything from Gmail to Android), or in varying states of half-ass or abandonment (Wave, even GWT). I use a lot of these products, but they don’t make me love and admire them like my iPad, or for that matter my BMW. What is Google setting the pace on and sticking with that isn’t search and… um… lots and lots of advertising? Building an even better me-too for everything is only going to go so far. Someone needs to (re-)read Good to Great (which I’ll amend for Google to be Great to Not Irrelevant). I foresee a serious identify crisis if they don’t redefine that thing. Thank you Kyle for giving us the straight scoop here!


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