Terrorism at the Boston Marathon

As a runner and first-time marathoner last fall I was shocked along with the rest of the country at the attacks out of nowhere at today’s Boston Marathon┬átoday. I can’t imagine being caught in the midst of this only feet from the finish line. It’s such a great race that won’t ever be quite the same after this. There aren’t really words to describe how disgusting it is for anyone to be killed or maimed at such a fun, open, and historic event. But, I still want to run it and know they’ll pull it together, stronger than ever, in the years to come.

I also realized I’ve now posted twice in row about something terrible happening with crickets in between. This isn’t intentional, and I actually have plenty else going on that’s blog-worthy, but it turns out living life takes precedence over blogging about it sometimes. Even so, I’ll try to stop procrastinating and get it up here. Starting tomorrow.

For now my thoughts are with the runners, friends, and families in Boston tonight.


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